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Sport England Awards Newham College with National Lottery funding to help get students active

Newham College has received £127,160 in funding from Sport England to reduce the number of students who exercise for less than 30 minutes each week.

Sport England's new "Strategy Towards an Active Nation" puts tackling inactivity at the heart of what they do. As part of this initiative Sport England is investing £5 million into college projects that will help to get inactive students into regular activity.

Newham College will use its share of the funds to boost physical activities amongst students doing various courses at each campus. Staff will take an inclusive approach towards the project, named "Fit for Life." As students gain the confidence and skills to change their lifestyles, they will also benefit from opportunities to get their peers involved.

The "Fit for Life" project will focus on impacting mental wellbeing and individual development. Newham College plans to bring about long-term changes that will lead to healthier lifestyles for many students. Tailored fitness sessions will be offered, with new inclusive activities such as yoga in class, healthy fitness workshops and disability sports.

Paul Stephen, Newham College Principal & Chief Executive said:

"This won't just make a difference to our students' physical health but it should also contribute to their mental wellbeing and personal development. It's a great way to tackle the levels of inactivity that Sport England is aiming to minimise.

Sport England research found:

Nearly 1/5 (roughly 138,000) college students are inactive i.e. do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week as per England's Chief Medical Officer's recommendations. Nearly 2/3 of the inactive group do nothing at all.

Being active can make a big difference to everyone's health: 1 in 6 adults in the UK die as a result of being inactive.

Mike Diaper, Executive Director of Community Sport said:

"We're delighted to offer Newham College National Lottery funding to help get students active. College is a crucial time in a young person's development. It is often the first time that activity is not a compulsory part of their study programme and therefore all too many young people become inactive. This funding will allow colleges to be innovative in addressing the needs and desires of their students to help embed activity in their lifestyle in college and for years to come."

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