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Student film-makers create their own movies with the London Film School

Student film-makers create their own movies with the London Film School

Aspiring film-makers at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) created their own movies when they took part in a three-day workshop.

Two groups of students scripted, shot and edited their short films with the London Film School as part of a project run by BBC Academy.

The first film called Yin Meets Yang tells the story of a previously kind and friendly girl who comes through a vortex from a bad universe and causes trouble among her peers.

The second called Trapped follows a bored and angry student who questions his behaviour when he comes to the rescue of a woman trapped in a lift.

The students used iPhones mounted in special rigs to enable them to use telephoto and wide-angle lenses and external microphones to make their films using the FiLMiC Pro app.

The finished films were shown on the final day of the workshop to families and friends of the students at a screening at the College's Tottenham Centre.

Music student Lisa Farrell-Tonge, 19, who took part in the workshop, said: 'I'm really pleased with how the film has turned out. It's been a brilliant experience learning about different camera techniques and the effects you can use.

'I had fun coming up with a story about two different personalities. I was quite proud of myself that I turned around a script in one night.

'It's been great getting ideas from others in the group, and advice from professionals on how you can add more interest and tell a story through film.'

Another student, Tai-Jaun Akberali, 18, added: 'I really enjoyed the workshop. We came up with a good story and I worked on the script.

'I also learnt a lot about the technical settings to make your film look good, and that you can do anything you want and you're only limited by your own creativity.'

Freelance writer-director Nic Shearer and London Film School graduates Sedi Ghadiri, Vincenzo Marranghino and Fred Vanstrydonck led the sessions.

Nic, who has worked as a second unit director on films including 24 Hour Party People and Possession, said: 'I thought the students did very well across the three days to produce the films they did.

'It was encouraging to see them really take ownership of their films and they should be proud of what they achieved in the limited space of time they had.

The way they expressed themselves was great. They were very enthusiastic and really demonstrated not just a lot of confidence and creativity, but also originality. There was definitely some talent there.'

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