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Council chief promises to boost local involvement in regeneration

Council chief promises to boost local involvement in regeneration

Newham's regeneration supremo wants an increase in residents voicing their views about plans to transform the borough.

Clive Dutton OBE, Executive Director for Regeneration and Inward Investment, told audiences of over 100 people at Newham College that not enough local people know what is happening.

Mr Dutton was invited to both the Stratford and East Ham campuses on 6 July to speak about the council's regeneration plans to students eager to find jobs when they leave college.

He said: 'Forums like this are important. We should collaborate more than we do with the College. It could play a role in cascading valuable knowledge about future change in the borough and opportunities for young people.'

He told students that Stratford was becoming a city within the capital city and that the borough was Europe's biggest regeneration project.

He said that by 2025:

- £22bn will be spent on regenerating Newham, creating 100,000 new jobs and 35,000 new homes,

- the centre of London will move east,

- the quality of life gap between east and west London should close.

The council's priority areas for development were Canning Town, Royal Victoria Docks and as well as Stratford.

He said his main priority was jobs for local people and 3,000 of the 8,000 new jobs in the Westfield regeneration went locally.

He stressed the council's strong commitment to ensuring local people benefit in response to fears voiced by student, Laura Munroz, that Newham's poor could miss out

The College's Deputy Principal, Philip Badman, pointed out that the Council worked with them to train 650 people who gained Westfield jobs.

He also said that the College's new Peter Jones Enterprise Academy will support business development as has its Women's Business Centre.

The East Ham Campus director, Geoff Crook added: 'Newham has an outstanding enterprise college that is contributing to regenerating the borough.'

Stratford Campus director, Conchita Henry responded to Clive's Dutton concern about local knowledge of the regeneration plans.

She said: 'We have here, Clive, a representation of people in the borough. You have people who want to benefit from the regeneration. Speak to us, we are very happy to facilitate that.'

Clive Dutton commented: 'I'm open to whatever offer the College might make.'

Other Newham regeneration points:

- 100,000 Newham people, including young and old, have never worked,

- Newham will become a transport hub with more passengers at Stratford rail station than Euston,

- Newham has the world's fastest broadband speeds thanks to Olympic sponsor, BT,

- Newham has Europe's largest shopping mall,

- London's only new enterprise zone is in the Royal Victoria Docks can become a new type of Silicon Valley,

- 'Arch of Opportunity' development area from the docks to Stratford will link up to Tech City,

- top development companies such as Manhattan Loft and Lend Lease are working in the borough,

- international firm, Siemens, is opening a Global Sustainability Centre in the Royal Docks.


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