Richmond upon Thames College’s student displays photography at exhibition in west London

One of Richmond upon Thames College’s (RuTC) UAL Extended Diploma Art & Design students recently took part in the ten week Dazed+Labs photography programme, organised by Dazed & Confused and Red Hook Labs. The programme taught nine students from across London various stages in photography, from shooting and developing to printing. Classes were co-led by photographer Eddie Otchere. At the end of the ten weeks, the students displayed their artwork at an exhibition in a west London youth centre.

RuTC student Ashleigh Beugre-Joncourt was lucky enough to be involved in programme and exhibited and sold her artwork. About her experiences during this project, she said: “I learned about developing film, using the darkroom and different cameras. I was inspired by Eddie Otchere as he made me fall in love with film cameras. In the future, I definitely want to be a part of more exhibitions and have a career in photography or darkroom work. I have learned so much about photography and myself as an individual and what I want from life.”

Her artwork displays a pink rose in front of a dark background. Ashleigh said: “I decided to go to my park next door and play around with my film camera and I saw this pink rose in the middle of dead dried leaves. I decided to shoot that shot and the program really liked it and used it in my exhibition, which has given me experience in planning exhibitions and how I want my work to be seen.”

Ashleigh’s Art & Design Lecturer at RuTC, Christina Button, said: “Ashleigh’s photo demonstrates a sensitive use of macro photography and a striking contrast of light and colour. Dazed+Labs have provided a very rare and valuable experience for young people that will advantage both their creative studies and potential future careers. I look forward to seeing more photography projects from them in the future.”

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