West London hosts cultural pop up

By 4th April 2019 Uncategorised

Travel & Tourism students hosted an International Village Fair 2019 to promote and celebrate the diversity of the student body within West London College.

The event held at Hammersmith & Fulham College site introduced visitors to Asian, Caribbean and North and South American cultures as well as food from around the world with a variety of dishes prepared by the College’s Hospitality & Catering students.

Staff, students and parents visited the vibrant fair while participating in summer games and activities. Many visitors gave feedback on how impressed they were by the organisation and professionalism with which the Travel & Tourism students managed the event. Mrs Lambourne, parent, said: “What a lovely event, it was vibrant, well organised and smelled of places all over the world.”

Peter Smith, Travel and Tourism teacher at West London College, said: “Our students worked very hard to plan and organise this event, its success is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

“The event was definitely a great learning experience for our students that went beyond the theory they learn in the classroom. They took ownership of the project and applied their leadership, teamwork and customer service skills to project manage the event.”

The International Village Fair is an annual event and an opportunity for Level 3 Travel and Tourism students to put their events management knowledge to the test in a real-work environment while showcasing the College’s commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion.

Seara Citozu, Travel and Tourism student, said: “I want to work in the conference and events sector so this was a great opportunity to see what working as part of a team on a big event is like. Even though events planning is a challenging task it was worth it in the end. I really enjoyed organising it and learnt a lot about industry standards and expectations.”

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